Dr / Heba Ali
Owner and founder of Dr. Eat clean website

  • -Clinical nutritionist
  • -Physical therapy specialist/Cairo university
  • -Certified as obesity treatment specialist by the international scope organisation
  • -American board of clinical nutrition
  • -British board of obesity treatment
  • -Professional diploma of applied nutrition/Cairo university
  • -Professional diploma of clinical nutrition /Ain shams university

Welcomr to dr Eat Clean

Tailored Meal Plans

  • Healthy Food
    You can enjoy healthier life and enjoy your favorite food
  • Meal Plans
    enjoy your favorite food at the same time by adding simple tips which convert it from just delicious food to delicious and healthier food at same time
  • Nutritional programs
    we help you gain healthier eating habits and with time this habits become important part of your daily routine
  • Better Life Style
    Our goal is helping you to lose weight in healthy way without skin loosening or muscle loss
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