Fitness Training

Cardio training This type of exercises more suitable for persons want to lose a lot of their weight because it burn more calories than other types of exercise Also improve functions of heart and lungs Increase fitness level   Strength training More suitable for persons want to increase muscle mass Also help in increasing metabolic rate
Wednesday October 30th, 2019

Nutrition Programs

Weight loss program   Our goal is helping you to lose weight in healthy way without skin loosening or muscle loss We provide tailored meal plans according to your physiological needs Help you to gain healthy diet habits throughout the life not only for limited period Weight maintenance program Weight maintenance at your preferred weight is more challenging than weight loss itself Help you fix your weight as you wish without deprivation and maintain this weight all the time Under nutrition treatment program Help you increase your weight in proper and healthy way without overconsumption of unhealthy and fat dense food which leads to chronic diseases on the long term and fat misdistribution leading to regional obesity Healthy lifestyle program Misconception that only obese persons or persons suffer from under nutrition  should follow diet plans So we help you lead healthier eating habits and with time this habits become important part of your daily routine Pregnancy program Fears of gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy is one of the most common causes which cause stress for pregnant woman We provide balanced diet plan with all essential nutrients you need during this sensitive and important period without gaining unreasonable weight
Wednesday October 30th, 2019
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